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Alex Angelelli is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA, and 10 years Quality Assurance experience. He is a Certified Coffee Taster and holds 4 additional sensory certifications. Alex brings an analytical approach to the traditionally artisanal world of coffee. His favorite brew method for White Oak coffee is the Chemex for its elegance and control.
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Melanie Labib is a certified Q Arabica Grader. She has a degree in Food Science with over 5 years’ experience in sensory science and product development. She is currently an MBA candidate at Georgetown University, and continues to hone her sensory science skills in everything from coffee to chocolate to tea. Melanie’s favorite brew method for Heartwood is the single serve pour-over: always smooth, always fruity.
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Maris Mokey is a former pastry chef, with a background in project management, business development and 8 years’ experience in product development. Maris holds a bachelor’s degree in French Language & Literature and a certificate in pastry arts and still enjoys baking and experimenting at home. Maris’s favorite brew method for White Oak coffee is French press; simple, but effective in achieving optimal flavor.



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Annie Nelson is a graphic designer and photographer. She credits her childhood in the Bay Area with her love for high quality coffee. While Annie will drink White Oak coffee prepared any way—because good coffee is good coffee—her favorite brew method is cold brew.

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